ПОД НАЕМ магазин 450 m2
Thermi, Thessaloniki - Suburbs
код: 1851


магазин 450 m2

Store for rent in Thermi of Thessaloniki - Suburbs for 2.000€ (Listing No 1851). Another property brought to you by MeToDexi Σύμβουλοι Ακινήτων. Located in the administrative area of Thermi, region of Thessaloniki - Suburbs, this corner property is now available for rent. This store is sized about 450sm with its land size being around 2000sm. Constructed in year 2015, the building was finished on the highest standards of the Market which can be seen through the available photos accompanying the listing.

This property develops on 3 levels and features 0 seperate spaces..


View-wise, the property enjoys a great view. This property comes unfurnished .

Other features that the property enjoy, include: balcony.

The asking price is 2.000€ per month. For avoiding inconvenience, please use the following reference number when contacting us referring to the above property: Listing No = 1851. You can also use that to search for the property at the website https://www.metodexi.gr

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MeToDexi Σύμβουλοι Ακινήτων
MeToDexi Σύμβουλοι Ακινήτων
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